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[Open]American Bridge Company

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[Open]American Bridge Company

Post by Markowsky on Mon May 12, 2014 11:54 am

Nama : American Bridge Company
Moto:The way to be rich.
Alamat :

    Casino:Fallen Tree

    Showroom:Fallen Tree

    Bar:Coming soon

    Legal Drugs:Fallen Tree

    Handphone:4001 / 8484

Jenis produk :

    Nb for Casino:Have an opened time not 24 hours

    2.Legal drugs/Obat obatan legal

    3.Car showroom/Showroom mobil


Produk :

    1.Casino:Blackjack, Big or small.
    Nb for Casino:Have an opened time not 24 hours

    2.Legal drugs:Psyombrium or Lazurpilla, etc.

    3.Car:Premier, Huntley, Roadtrain, etc.

    4.Bar:Wine,Tequilla, etc.

Foto Produk :

We have blackjack and big or small game in casino.

We have real legal drugs not illegal drugs, we buy from another country

We have sport car, classic, elegant and many more.

We have all of drink in here.

Workers here:
Samuel Robinson as CEO and Founder:

Deven Damarco as CEO:

Opened to be a workers:
Wanna join us in American Bridge company, sign here and sent me an email((Reply di thread ini)), we have the way to be rich.

[center][b]American Bridge Company[/center][b][b][b][b][b][b][b][b][/b]
6.Phone Number/Email:
7.Date/Place of birth:
With this ((Your name)) apply to be worker in American Bridge and fill the form honestly.

Your sign.

Thomas Hartono

Char Stats:

-Jeff Armstrong - Criminal - Dead
-Toms Hart - Goverment Cabinet - Dead
- Isaac Damarco Big Banditz - Dead
- Thomas "Jake" Hartono Cadet In San Andreas Police Department - Alive.
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