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Play SA-MP now!!

[Open]American Bridge Company

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[Open]American Bridge Company Empty [Open]American Bridge Company

Post by Markowsky on Mon May 12, 2014 11:54 am

Nama : American Bridge Company
Moto:The way to be rich.
Logo:[Open]American Bridge Company 10346820_780384228641223_2140456237_n
Alamat :

    Casino:Fallen Tree

    Showroom:Fallen Tree

    Bar:Coming soon

    Legal Drugs:Fallen Tree

    Handphone:4001 / 8484

Jenis produk :

    Nb for Casino:Have an opened time not 24 hours

    2.Legal drugs/Obat obatan legal

    3.Car showroom/Showroom mobil


Produk :

    1.Casino:Blackjack, Big or small.
    Nb for Casino:Have an opened time not 24 hours

    2.Legal drugs:Psyombrium or Lazurpilla, etc.

    3.Car:Premier, Huntley, Roadtrain, etc.

    4.Bar:Wine,Tequilla, etc.

Foto Produk :
[Open]American Bridge Company Casino-online3

We have blackjack and big or small game in casino.

[Open]American Bridge Company 130402124308-prescription-generic-drug-620xa

We have real legal drugs not illegal drugs, we buy from another country

[Open]American Bridge Company Galpincollection_lead

We have sport car, classic, elegant and many more.

[Open]American Bridge Company Liquor_Bottles_on_a_Bar_Wall

We have all of drink in here.

Workers here:
Samuel Robinson as CEO and Founder:
[Open]American Bridge Company 10370775_780383431974636_122857073_n

Deven Damarco as CEO:
[Open]American Bridge Company 10335841_780382208641425_539846445_n

Opened to be a workers:
Wanna join us in American Bridge company, sign here and sent me an email((Reply di thread ini)), we have the way to be rich.

[center][b]American Bridge Company[/center][b][b][b][b][b][b][b][b][/b]
6.Phone Number/Email:
7.Date/Place of birth:
With this ((Your name)) apply to be worker in American Bridge and fill the form honestly.

Your sign.

[Open]American Bridge Company 605A9FA368B93A1542C71CB6A47D59D8
Thomas Hartono

Char Stats:

-Jeff Armstrong - Criminal - Dead
-Toms Hart - Goverment Cabinet - Dead
- Isaac Damarco Big Banditz - Dead
- Thomas "Jake" Hartono Cadet In San Andreas Police Department - Alive.
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